Japanese Citizens Aren’t Getting Married — Here’s Why

Japanese Citizens Aren't Getting Married -- Here's Why

Japan’s Closed Door Policy Comes Back To Bite Them BIG TIME

(RepublicanNews.org) – Japanese youth are moving away from the tradition of marriage in increasing numbers despite the foreign country’s crumbling population numbers. According to a new whitepaper from the country’s government, more people than ever are choosing to opt out of partnering up, deciding instead to stay single.

The Gender Equality Bureau conducted a survey of 20,000 citizens in 2021 in an attempt to gauge marriage and divorce statistics as well as general attitudes toward matrimony. What they discovered was a severe decrease in motivation to find partners.

Approximately 1 in 4 singles between the ages of 30 and 39 said they had no immediate interest in getting married. Just over a quarter (27%) of all male respondents said they planned to remain single for life. Numbers were only slightly lower for women, coming in at 25%. Contrary to familiar talking points, changing attitudes toward sex, relationships, and gender politics had little to do with the desire to remain alone. Respondents overwhelmingly cited the financial strain of marrying, running a household, and raising kids as the primary contributor instead.

Poor marriage rates are highly concerning for the Japanese government, which has yet to solve the nation’s plummeting population numbers. Youths who don’t marry typically aren’t having children, either; birth and marriage rates are intrinsically linked.

Statistics shared by Nippon back in April suggest that Japan’s overall citizenship dropped by 644,000 in 2021 alone. That’s almost half a percent of the country’s entire population. If the trend continues, those numbers will likely worsen over time.

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