Jeffrey Dahmer’s FINAL VICTIM Steps Forward

The Story of Dahmer's Last Victim

The Story of Dahmer’s Last Victim

( – The new Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has brought one of America’s most notorious killers back into the spotlight. The newfound interest in the serial killer, who murdered and dismembered a total of 17 boys and men, occasionally eating his victims, has also thrust the killer’s last would-be victim, Tracy Edwards, back into the spotlight. Despite being seen as a hero at the time for bringing the horrific killing spree of one of America’s most infamous serial killers to an end, the 32-year-old would go to live a life full of crime and end up in prison himself.

Tracy Edwards: Hero

On July 22, 1991, the 32-year-old Edwards met Dahmer at a bar, and the serial killer convinced the young man to come back to his apartment. The Milwaukee Cannibal offered his target alcohol before handcuffing the horrified guest and holding him at knifepoint. At one point Dahmer would lay his head on the chest of Edwards and share that he planned to eat his heart.

After pleading with the killer for four hours, Edwards somehow managed to escape the clutches of Dahmer and flag down a squad car. The 32-year-old led police back to the apartment, where they would discover the horrible acts the kidnapper had been committing. The survivor went on to testify in Dahmer’s trial, and many people saw him as a hero. However, despite stopping the serial killer, Edwards went on to lead a very troubled life himself.

Tracy’s Tragic Life

Authorities in Tupelo, Mississippi had previously indicted the hero for the sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl. The public’s interest in the 32-year-old would-be victim led to his extradition to the southern state, where he faced charges. After that, Edwards returned to Milwaukee, where police arrested him for drug possession, bail jumping, theft, failure to pay child support, and property damage. The one-time hero became homeless and bounced between shelters.

Two decades later, on July 26, 2011, just days after the twentieth anniversary of Dahmer’s arrest, Edwards faced murder accusations himself. He and another man by the name of Timothy Carr allegedly threw another individual, Johnny Jordan, from a bridge and into the Milwaukee River. Police charged the then-52-year-old with aiding a felon and homicide. He pleaded guilty to the lesser of the two counts and served a reduced sentence of one and a half years in prison.

Despite the newly found interest in Dahmer and Edwards, no one knows where the now-63-year-old survivor is.

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