Jeffrey Epstein’s Close Friend and Ally Arrested in Most Recent Probe

Jeffrey Epstein's Close Friend And Ally Arrested In Most Recent Probe

( – Controversy continues to surround friends and associates of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly took his own life in a Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial in August 2019. Epstein’s well-documented friendship with global elites like Bill Clinton and the United Kingdom’s Prince Andrew has added to the saga’s intrigue.

In the latest development, French authorities detained noted modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel on December 16. His arrest reportedly resulted from a criminal investigation into allegations he supplied underage individuals to Epstein and others through a global operation financed, in part, by Epstein.

Prosecutors working for the Paris Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into Epstein’s conduct on French soil in August 2019. The following month they executed a search warrant on Brunel’s modeling agency. His lawyer issued a statement afterward claiming he was willing to cooperate with the police.

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrest on December 17. However, it remains unclear what charges, if any, he faces.

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