Jen Psaki Says States Have “Right” to Stand Up to Biden’s Regime

Jen Psaki Says States Have

( – Reopening the nation’s economy and getting American workers back on the job is a complex issue. Federally funded supplemental unemployment benefits are scheduled to end in early September, sparking a national debate.

Currently, roughly half of the nation’s states decided to cut those $300 supplemental payments early. But, in a remarkable reversal, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that those governors “have every right” to cut back unemployment benefits or not accept the federal funds at all during her May 4 press briefing.

Psaki also claimed that no one from the administration, including President Joe Biden, ever suggested extending those benefits long-term or making them permanent. That statement appears to contradict early administration efforts to add extended unemployment benefits to Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal.

Either way, the concerns remain the same. Republicans believe the extended unemployment benefits lead to continued job openings as many workers receive higher earnings from unemployment than they would take home returning to work.

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