Jen Psaki Under Fire for Racially Stereotyping White Conservatives

Jen Psaki Under Fire for Racially Stereotyping White Conservatives

( – Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to unite the country. He said he didn’t see “red states and blue states” during the final presidential debate. What he saw was “American, United States.” However, recent remarks by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki were anything but unifying.

On April 12, a reporter asked her about efforts to get people vaccinated in rural states like Mississippi, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Psaki responded that members of the White House COVID team have run public service announcements on “The Deadliest Catch” and have “engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV” as part of an effort to connect with “White Conservative communities.”

As one might expect, the push back against her bigoted remarks was swift. Western Journal contributor Kipp Jones pointed out that Psaki would have been fired had she said the White House “engaged with the NBA and BET” to reach Blacks.

Several individuals called out Psaki’s remarks on Twitter. One user asked, “What the hell is a ‘White Conservative community?… This is truly offensive.” Another Twitter user mocked her, suggesting the White House buy ads on Hee Haw reruns.

As Jones concluded, “anti-White racism” is becoming “increasingly… acceptable” by the Biden administration. So much for unifying the country.

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