Jerry Lewis Accused of Misconduct Decades Later, Years After His Death

Jerry Lewis Accused of Misconduct Decades Later, Years After His Death

( – Abuse is something people can stay quiet about for the rest of their lives. Yet, as the end draws closer, it often drives out the truth. Perhaps that’s what happened in the case of sexual misconduct allegations against comedian Jerry Lewis.

Despite the comedian dying in 2017 at 91, two women have stepped forward to accuse him of harassment. A new Vanity Fair documentary and exposé details what allegedly happened all those years ago.

Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, the directors of “Allen v. Farrow” and “The Hunting Ground,” spoke with Hope Holiday and Karen Sharpe, both actresses who have worked alongside the now-deceased comedian. The pair detail their alleged experiences with their co-star while working with him.

Now 87, Sharpe noted while she was working on “The Disorderly Orderly,” Lewis motioned to have the people leave the room while fitting the actors for costumes. Once alone with Lewis, Sharpe claims he approached her, grabbing and fondling her.

She mentioned he unzipped his pants, and that’s when she told him that she didn’t do that. After the incident, Sharpe claimed Lewis wouldn’t speak to her and instructed some of the crew to ignore her as well.

Holiday, now 91, detailed her own experience with Lewis while the two worked together in 1961 on “The Ladies Man.” She alleged the comedian called her into his office, pushed a button that locked the door and started talking to her. Holiday claimed Lewis told her she could be sexy if she wouldn’t wear pants all the time, proceeding to talk dirty to her while unzipping his pants.

Holiday said he then began to masturbate, and she was scared and just wanted to leave. She stated she confronted him the next day, hitting him so hard he spun around. Holiday admitted production halted because Lewis was the director, adding he wouldn’t speak to her when he came back.

These are alarming allegations against a man many admired as an actor and philanthropist. While the two women likely never intended to tell anyone, perhaps the experiences weighed them down for years. Whatever their reasons, their allegations expose Lewis as a potential predator.

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