Jim Jordan Says People’s Disregard For Human Life Is Scary

(RepublicanNews.org) – If you were among those who thought the events of October 7th in Israel would lead to at least a brief stateside hiatus in calls for Second Amendment restrictions, you would be wrong. If you were among those who thought Hamas’ massacre of largely unarmed Israeli civilians wouldn’t affect the left’s anti-gun arguments whatsoever, you would be right.

Either way, many would argue that the apparent need for a 30-round magazine filled with 62-grain green tips was on full view for the entire world. Right or wrong, had each Israeli home been armed with one, most would probably agree that the Jewish state’s casualty count would likely have been far less.

On October 26th, Vice President Kamala Harris took the Biden administration’s gun control argument several steps further than many may have been expecting. Only one day earlier, residents in Maine had suffered through their worst mass shooting in the state’s history. In response to the events, instead of calling for increased background checks or selective red-flag laws, Harris appeared to call for nationwide firearms confiscation.

While hosting Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the Vice President praised his nation’s gun laws. In 1996, legislators from Down Under banned almost every type of semi-automatic weapon in existence. In the wake of the Maine shootings, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on Newsmax and told his host that the arguments for or against the Second Amendment are overshadowed by a much bigger and scarier issue.

According to the Ohio lawmaker, our culture has lost its overall respect for the “preciousness and sanctity” of each “human life.” Rather than focus on the “evil reasons” people choose to engage in mass violence, Jordan says the left tries to legislate morality by targeting both gun rights and free speech.

He said any government attempts at stifling the First and Second Amendments would fail to deal with the underlying “cultural” problem of a system with corrupted values.

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