Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Acknowledges the End Is Near

(RepublicanNews.org) – Jason Carter, the grandson of the nation’s 39th President, says that both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are nearing “the end” of their lives. The former President opted to be placed in hospice care at his home in February of 2023. Only three months after making the transition, the former First Lady was diagnosed with dementia.

The former head-of-state’s grandson has indicated that the couple are still able to show their love for one another and said they remain largely side by side. Carter’s grandson, who also happens to be The Carter Center’s Chairman, told media on September 14th that his grandparents are happy in their current state and that he could not envision a more “perfect situation” for this period of “their lives.”

Another Carter grandson told reporters in mid-August that the former First couple still spent their days “holding hands” much of the time. That same grandson went on to add that it was clear his grandparents had entered “the final chapter” of their time on earth.

According to the family, President Biden still sends messages to the former President in an effort to let him know that he and his family are being thought of and prayed for. Jason Carter indicated that in addition to both men serving as President, the two are socially connected in that both men ascended to the nation’s highest office after coming from humble beginnings.

The 98-year-old former Commander-in-Chief is due to turn 99 on October 1st. He and the 96-year-old former First Lady have four children and more than 20 combined grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Carter served as President for a single term from 1977 to 1981, when he was defeated overwhelmingly by Ronald Reagan. His successor amassed 489 Electoral College votes and carried almost 51% of the popular vote. Many attribute Carter’s defeat at least partially to his handling of the Iranian hostage crisis, in which he oversaw a disastrous rescue attempt.

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