Joe Biden Flips on Payments for Illegals

Joe Biden Flips on Payments for Illegals

( – On October 28, a Wall Street Journal exclusive reported that the Biden administration was mulling over the idea of paying up to $450,000 in compensation to families separated under former President Donald Trump. The report expressly indicated that the US Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services were “in talks” but did little to clarify exactly how they intended to proceed.

President Joe Biden vehemently dismissed those claims during a press conference on November 6.

The president appeared astonished when speaking with Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who asked him to clarify whether the rumors of high payments to immigrants separated at the border were true. With a look of disbelief on his face, the president raised his voice, accusing the reporter of putting out a “garbage report” inciting migrants to cross the border.

Journalists who later attempted to clarify the president’s comments by contacting Justice Department spokesperson Dena Iverson had their requests fall on deaf ears. She refused to discuss ongoing litigation. The American Civil Liberties Union, representing families in one of several lawsuits filed against the government over its separation policy, also spoke up.

This clash isn’t the first time for the sitting president to flip flop on a hot-button issue. In fact, he originally promised to avoid vaccine mandates during his campaign. Now, the United States faces sweeping regulations regarding the COVID-19 shot. He also contradicted his views on climate change by attending the recent COP26 Summit with a massive 85-car motorcade.

Many Americans question Joe Biden’s mental capacity and cognitive ability. Could this latest move prove he can’t stay on top of the many tasks required of him as a leader? Whether he isn’t adequately briefed or manages to forget doesn’t matter — it’s still concerning nonetheless.

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