Joe Biden Goes Silent on Latest Missile Launch

Joe Biden Goes Silent on Latest Missile Launch

( – Tensions have remained high between the United States and North Korea for decades. Relations eased the last few years, and Donald Trump even met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the DMZ in June 2019, the first time a US president stepped foot inside North Korea. However, all that goodwill appears to have departed since Joe Biden took office.

Numerous networks and Japan’s prime minister reported that North Korea had begun test-firing ballistic missiles in the sea near Japan’s coast last weekend. On March 25, South Korean officials also confirmed the launch of a projectile.

South Korean officials told reporters they are “closely monitoring” the situation and “related activities” in anticipation of further tests. However, Biden hasn’t made any official comments about the missile launches.

North Korea has a history of taking advantage of perceived weaknesses by other nations. With any luck, Biden’s lack of a response to the missile tests won’t be seen as an abdication of power on his part.

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