Joe Biden Promises to Take Millions of Cars off the Road

Joe Biden Promises to Take Millions of Cars off the Road

( – It’s something President Joe Biden has been saying for a long time: America needs to take millions of cars off the road. Now, his Build Back Better agenda is seeking to further that goal. While that promise appears positive in theory, will it be good in practice?

Biden pitched his Build Back Better agenda during a stop in his native hometown of Scranton, PA, on October 20. The struggling plan all but stalled in Congress recently. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from avidly pursuing the lofty climate goal.

The president’s strange plan for pulling millions of vehicles off of the road hinges on another secondary dream: building a high-speed rail that would allow Americans to travel across the country faster than ever before.

During his speech, Biden explained that if someone can get on a train and travel to a location faster, they’ll be more likely to take the hypothetical billion-dollar option. He seems to forget that trains can’t take people everywhere; walking isn’t always an option.

Of course, there’s also the fact that Americans use their cars and trucks every day for a variety of important reasons: going to work, getting groceries, or simply enjoying the freedom of driving. Convincing them to stop and take a train instead won’t necessarily be easy.

Still, Biden’s plan would pose distinct environmental benefits. As the president claims, the United States could save millions of gallons of oil with fewer cars on the road. The real question is whether or not Americans will accept the idea of not owning vehicles — especially if they happen to live outside city limits.

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