Jim Biden REFUSES to Answer Questions by Journalists

Joe Biden REFUSES To Answer Questions By Journalists

(RepublicanNews.org) – With less than a handful of days left before the presidential election, Joe Biden’s campaign faces mounting allegations of corruption at the Biden family’s hands in overseas business dealings in Ukraine and China. The Democratic nominee remains tight-lipped on them for the most part and his brother, Jim, refused to speak to journalists altogether when approached.

Fox News reporters caught up with the Democratic presidential nominee’s brother at an Eastern Shore, Maryland, home on Wednesday, October 28. The journalists tossed questions at Biden from the public roadway. Answering from his driveway, he rebuffed the reporters, telling them he didn’t want to “comment about anything.”

Undeterred, the reporters pressed back, asking questions about an October 27 interview with former Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski. Jim Biden responded, “What are you talking about?” ending the exchange with Fox News reporters.

Fox News reported that public records linked the home to the Biden family. Additionally, neighbors who viewed the clip confirmed Jim Biden’s identity.

Unanswered Questions Remain

Allegations of corruption on the part of the Biden family are nothing new. However, the New York Post published a “smoking gun” series of emails on October 14, allegedly obtained from the hard drive of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.

Those emails contain potentially damning evidence of wrong-doing on the part of Hunter and Jim Biden. They also raise serious questions about Joe Biden’s role in their alleged schemes.

More recently, Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, was reportedly named as one of several “key domestic contacts” in an email allegedly sent by Jim Biden to Tony Bobulinski, a high-dollar investor allegedly linked to a Biden-family business venture with a Chinese energy company named CEFC.

With mounting allegations surrounding Joe Biden and members of his family, the chances of him defeating President Trump in the upcoming election appear to be crashing through the basement floor.

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