Joe Biden Targets Foreign Religious Leaders Who Oppose LGBT

Joe Biden Targets Foreign Religious Leaders Who Oppose LGBT

( – The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted to pass the Equality Act by a vote of 224 to 206 on Thursday, February 25. Three Republicans joined Democrats, voting yes on the measure. Decades in the making, the act provides a wide range of protections for members of the LGBT community from discriminatory behavior based on their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Joe Biden campaigned on the bill’s passage, promising to make it a top priority during his first 100 days in office. It appears that now his fulfillment of that promise is well on the way, it’s time for the next round of action on behalf of LGBT members who helped him win the White House last year.

New Biden Executive Action Attempts to Protect LGBT Members Worldwide

Biden signed a memorandum earlier this month placing LGBT protections front and center of US foreign policy. Issued on February 4, it instructs the head of all executive departments and agencies engaged in overseas activities to ensure all US diplomatic efforts and financial assistance programs “promote and protect the human rights” of members of the LGBT community.

As the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) reported, this action is a part of Biden’s “payback to homosexual elites” for supporting his candidacy. Last December, a collection of 30 leftist groups calling themselves the Council for Global Equality issued a list of demands, including passage of the Equality Act.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. That appears to be step one in a push to meet those demands.

Of particular concern, is the provision of millions of dollars of US money committed to the Global Equality Fund. Providing that funding grants the US government the power to blacklist religious leaders overseas who speak out for the traditional family unit. Additionally, US authorities could block those leaders from entering the United States.

C-Fam concluded its report with an open-ended question. Just how far will Biden go to thank LGBT members for their campaign donations and support during the last presidential campaign? Inquiring minds would like to have an answer to that intriguing question.

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