John Durham To Testify This Week

( – The House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees will host Special Counsel John Durham in separate appearances this week. The meetings follow Durham’s four-year probe of an FBI investigation that alleged collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. Durham’s report totaled more than 300 pages and was released in May.

While Durham’s testimony to the Intelligence Committee is expected to take place behind closed doors, the Judiciary Committee will host him in a public format. Durham is slated to answer questions from legislators about abuses within the FBI concerning their handling of information gleaned from President Trump’s political opponents. According to the report, the FBI abused the process by which FISA warrants are obtained.

Lawmakers plan on asking Durham for his recommendations on how the FBI can remedy the flaws his report found in the FBI investigation of Trump’s campaign. “Actual evidence” was lacking according to Durham and Republicans want to know how an investigation continued despite this fact.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff spearheaded much of the Russian collusion narrative and said in 2019 the evidence against Trump and his campaign was “in plain sight” and “compelling.” Though it initially failed to meet the needed vote threshold, a resolution to censure Congressman Schiff for his role in the events was introduced by Representative Anna Paulina Luna. 20 Republicans in the House sided with Democrats in canceling the resolution, although Rep. Luna is said to be pushing for a second vote.

The text of Luna’s censure said Schiff misled the American people and that his actions were “not befitting” of membership within the House of Representatives. Citing “lies” and “abuses of sensitive information” from Schiff, it also pushed for an Ethics Committee investigation into him.

Alongside the Durham proceedings, legislators will also be deciding this week if they will overturn President Biden’s veto on a bill that would have thwarted his student loan forgiveness plan. Federal borrowers could see a potential $20,000 in debt relief.

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