Jordan Reveals Proof White House Pressured Social Media Giants to Censor Americans

( – House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan has released internal documents from Facebook’s parent company Meta that show the company was on board with a Biden administration plan to censor free speech.

In a 2021 email, the company’s President for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, said that he had just spoken to a senior advisor to President Biden and that the White House official was upset that a particular post had not been removed.

Another internal email from the same period of time said that Facebook was “facing continued pressure from” outside interests like “the White House.” The note went on to say that the Biden administration was pushing Facebook executives “to remove” posts related to “vaccine” misinformation.

The company letter was addressed to both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and requested their “guidance” on the issue. The contents mentioned the “top 100” posts that were “vaccine-related” for a particular week and also spoke of concern for the attention a certain “humorous meme” had received from users.

In a July 27th tweet, Chairman Jordan made light of the meme in question and posted it to his account. The meme is a play on late-night class action lawsuit commercials and suggests that within a decade those who took pandemic vaccines will see related commercials on their televisions.

House Republicans have had Facebook’s internal communication documents in their sights for some time. Subpoenas were issued in February of 2023 for several industry CEOs after information was brought forward suggesting collusion between major players in the tech industry and the Biden White House on the topic of social media censorship.

Facebook initially turned over some requested documents, but Chairman Jordan insisted that Mark Zuckerberg was intentionally declining to release all the communications his company had in their possession. The Congressman threatened Zuckerberg with a contempt vote on July 17th but announced ten days later that the vote would be paused after the CEO turned over more documents.

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