Josh Hawley Pushing Back on Joe Biden Involving Middle East

Josh Hawley Pushing Back on Joe Biden Involving Middle East

( – Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has stepped up in recent months to become one of the nation’s top populist politicians following in the footsteps of former President Donald Trump. He’s pushed for restoring sensible immigration policies, cracking down on big tech companies, and halting America’s endless wars.

As a member of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, he pushed back on President Biden’s nomination of Colin Kahl to serve as his undersecretary for defense policy, noting that he supported military intervention in the Middle East. Similarly, he’s lashed out at Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinkin, accusing him of backing “every endless war since the Iraq invasion.”

Most recently, he’s been calling out the Biden administration for its failed Mideast policies.

Sen. Hawley Pushes Back on Biden’s Middle East Agenda

The Washington Examiner published a comprehensive report on Hawley’s efforts to call out the Biden administration over its Mideast policies on April 8. Of particular concern is a May 1 deadline to pull out troops from Afghanistan and America’s role in renegotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump administration representatives and Taliban leadership officials signed a peace agreement in February 2020. Under the terms of that deal, the US agreed to begin withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan within 135 days of signing the agreement and the remainder of the troops by May 1, 2021.

However, last month, news outlets began reporting that President Joe Biden was considering delaying final troop withdrawal until November, setting off tensions with Taliban officials and Iran. This move could wipe out years of negotiations unless the Biden administration can sort out the alleged logistical reasons for the delay.

Similarly, the Biden administration has been playing a version of diplomatic chicken with Iran. Biden’s inability to get Iran even to sit down and talk could further increase tensions throughout the Middle East.

Neither the Taliban nor Iran has respected the terms of current and past agreements. However, if the United States ever hopes to call a halt to its endless wars in the Middle East, the Biden administration needs to wake up and start negotiating in earnest with both groups and our allies in the region.

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