Joshua James Case May Topple the Stone-Trump Partnership

Joshua James Case May Topple the Stone-Trump Partnership

( – A leader among the Oath Keepers who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 reached a plea deal with prosecutors. The head of the Alabama Chapter of Oath Keepers agreed to cooperate with authorities as part of his guilty plea. His cooperation and possible testimony could spell trouble for Roger Stone, a close ally of Trump, possibly disbanding their relationship.

Joshua James pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and obstructing Congress. NBC News reports there is no direct correlation between the violence that unfolded and Stone, but mentions the Trump ally met with James just hours before the Capitol riot. The Washington Post details how footage shows James leaving Stone’s suite at the Willard Hotel.

According to Politico, James was Stone’s bodyguard. James may have potentially disastrous information about Stone, who quickly drew thousands of supporters to the Capitol after Trump’s loss in 2020. James’s cooperation could ultimately breach the Stone-Trump inner circle after what Attorney General Merrick Garland called “the most resource-intensive investigation” in US history.

Could Stone find himself in legal trouble, possibly for seditious conspiracy? Might former President Trump be in danger of legal trouble for similar reasons, despite his claims he had no involvement in the riot? Only time will tell as the truth always comes out.

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