Joy Reid Implodes On Twitter Over Vaccines

Joy Reid Implodes on Twitter Over Vaccines

( – MSNBC host Joy Reid has a demonstrated history of bias toward Democratic views and ideology. While she often “calls out” politicians and policies she disagrees with, her latest tirade shocked people on both sides of the aisle. Reid went on a bizarre Twitter rant about Americans who haven’t yet received the vaccine.

Reid blasted Americans who stand up for their civil liberties — and basic human rights — by protesting mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The MSNBC host claimed that members of the GOP, including top politicians and Supreme Court justices, want to grant the virus itself the “right” to spread and multiply.

The TV host attacked Republican governors who accused the government and private sector of violating human rights by forcing vaccines and masks on the population. She then tried to say that unvaccinated individuals ignore the millions of deaths caused by COVID-19, claiming they value themselves above public safety.

Reid even at one point blamed capitalism for the way Americans currently feel about vaccines, masks and mandates. Lashing out, she accused citizens and Big Pharma alike of favoring profit and freedom over everything else.

The host also feels current trends in attitude cross racial and political divides. At one point, she expressed bewilderment and said the shift made her realize how a zombie apocalypse could eventually break out. She then ended her rant by pleading for God’s help.

Despite her frantic prayers, Reid still managed to sneak in a slam on Christians when replying to another user who accused the faithful of sacrificing the young, old and infirm. She fired back that one can still find examples of human sacrifice in the Old Testament. Another user suggested converting to paganism.

Reid’s disjointed and slightly strange rant fails to make sense at points and is outright bizarre in some places. The oddball point of view is also disturbing — especially for someone who speaks from a media soapbox daily.

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