Judge Dismisses Sorority Lawsuit Over Transgender Member

(RepublicanNews.org) – Taking over female sporting events has failed to appease extreme transgender activists. The next domino in America’s ongoing culture war has fallen with a federal judge in Wyoming ruling that a male-to-female transgender “woman” can remain in a UW all-female sorority and continue living in their chapter house.

Artemis Langford, the 21-year-old student in question, stands 6’2″ and weighs twenty pounds more than the average NFL linebacker. The transgender student reportedly only wears women’s clothing “sometimes” and has not undergone any kind of medical transition. Artemis was accepted into the Wyoming chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma after what a number of sorority sisters claimed was a nefarious political move on the part of their senior leadership.

Langford moved into the chapter house after being admitted to KKG in September of 2022. Sisters then began accusing him of voyeurism and some claimed he would become fully erect while watching them change. These erections were reportedly so pronounced that they could be seen through clothing. In addition to this inappropriate behavior, Artemis has also been accused of asking invasive personal questions about female anatomy and medical choices such as breast reductions or birth control. Multiple sisters expressed discomfort with these encounters.

Six current and former KKG sisters then chose to bring a lawsuit against both Langford and the University of Wyoming. In addition to claiming that membership was exclusive to biological women, the sisters alleged that Langford’s acceptance was achieved through a manipulated voting process.

The plaintiffs said that prior to Langford’s appearance, pledges were voted on anonymously. When it came time for his admittance to be decided, the sisters claimed that their chapter leadership forced them to abandon their anonymity.

The members who filed the lawsuit insisted that the overwhelming majority of women in the sorority did not want this person who is, for all intents and purposes, a man in their midst. According to the women who brought the suit, those who otherwise would have voted against Langford’s acceptance changed their position in the face of potential political reprisals and accusations of anti-trans bigotry.

Alan B. Johnson, the U.S. District Judge who ruled in the case, said that the law did not permit her to “invade” the sorority’s freedom of expression and define what a woman is.

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