Judge Rules Against Foreign Citizens Voting in America

Judge Rules Against Foreign Citizens Voting in America

Judge Makes CRITICAL Election Ruling – Democrats are Furious!

(RepublicanNews.org) – After the 2020 presidential election, voting became a major topic of debate among lawmakers and the American people as a whole. Many voting laws have remained the same for decades to ensure safe and fair election processes. Still, recently, advocates have pushed to allow people who aren’t citizens to vote in US elections. A California judge recently ruled against non-citizens voting in America.

Preserving an American Right

Following the push to allow foreign-born residents to poll in local referendums, attorney and conservative radio host James Lacy filed a lawsuit on March 14 to block people without US citizenship from voting in the San Francisco Unified School District elections. The target of Lacy’s litigation was a city ordinance that resembled the Our City, Our Vote bill in New York, allowing an estimated 800,000 unnaturalized residents to cast ballots in local polls.

As Judge Ralph Porzio of the New York Supreme Court struck down the “Our City, Our Vote” measure, Judge Richard Ulmer Jr. of San Francisco’s Superior Court rejected the idea of allowing non-citizens to participate in any elections. Ulmer declared in his ruling the city ordinance contradicted the state’s constitution and, therefore, couldn’t legally stand. The judge also issued a perpetual injunction prohibiting the city from using the ordinance to allow non-naturalized, foreign-born residents to vote in future referendums.

The San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission expressed its disappointment in Ulmer’s decision, claiming the ruling took away immigrants’ rights to have any say regarding the policies affecting their children’s education.

Lacy’s lawsuit was successful. The attorney issued a press release declaring the case was an “important” reaffirmation of the “Constitutional notion” that voting is a privilege afforded to US citizens, and cities shouldn’t weaken the right by allowing non-citizens to take part.

A Birthright

Many Constitutional scholars consider voting a centerpiece of American democracy. It’s one of the core ways the government decides what laws to employ and what policies to implement. While the Constitution reserves the right to those who are US citizens, immigrants who come into the country legally can obtain citizenship and the right to vote in American elections. Those born here receive immediate voting rights, but immigrants must earn their right to cast ballots in polls across the US.

Do you feel it’s fair for only US citizens to vote in US elections? Or should it be a right anyone living in the country can claim?

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