Judge Sets $1M Bond for Suspect Accused of Killing 14-Year-Old Girl

Judge Sets $1M Bond for Suspect Accused of Killing 14-Year-Old Girl

Judge Sets Astronomically High Bond For Alleged Child Murderer

(RepublicanNews.org) – The death of a child is always tragic, no matter the cause. But when a malicious murderer snuffs out an innocent life before it barely has a chance to begin, it feels even more heartbreaking. That’s what allegedly happened in Wisconsin this week when a teen allegedly not only sexually assaulted, but also strangled 10-year-old Lily Peters to death.

The young girl was apparently on her way home from her aunt’s house when she went missing. On Monday, authorities located her body in a nearby forest just one day after her family reported her missing. They charged 14-year-old Carson Peters-Berger for the crime.

Fox News reported that local police received around 200 tips helping them track down the identity of Lily’s murderer. Peters-Berger was known to the victim; the two were cousins.

The teen boy admitted to taking Peters off the trail, punching her in the stomach, strangling her temporarily, striking her with a stick, and then strangling her to the point of death. That’s when he began to sexually assault her.

Peters-Berger’s legal team requested a bond of $100,000, claiming he wasn’t a flight risk due to his young age. The judge presiding over the bond hearing, Benjamin Lane, agreed to set the bond at $1 million per the prosecutor’s request. The suspect, who is in a juvenile detention center, attended court remotely.

Authorities intend to charge the teen as an adult for one count of first-degree intentional murder, first-degree sexual assault, and first-degree sexual assault with a minor below the age of 13. If convicted, Peters-Berger could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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