Jury Reaches UNANIMOUS Ruling – The Verdict Is In!

Man Found Guilty in College Student's Murder Case

Man Found Guilty in College Student’s Murder Case

(RepublicanNews.org) – Nineteen-year-old Kristin Smart disappeared from California Polytechnic State University after attending a party off-campus in May 1996. The teen’s family has wondered what happened to her ever since. Police initially looked at Smart’s friend, Paul Flores, as a person of interest, as he was the last to see her alive, but the girl’s loved ones saw no justice — until now.

On October 18, a jury of nine women and three men convicted Flores convicted him of first-degree murder for his role in Smart’s death. The prosecution alleged Flores drugged Smart. Witnesses testified during the trial that the girl was leaving with two other people when Flores emerged from the “darkness to help her walk home.” That was the last time anyone saw the Cal Poly student. Lawyers said the suspect likely attempted or succeeded in raping the girl before killing her and hiding her body.

Sadly, the family doesn’t view Flores’ conviction as a victory because nothing will bring the girl back. Additionally, circumstances surrounding her case continue to deprive them of attaining any closure to her disappearance and presumed death since authorities never found Kristin Smart’s body. However, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said he wouldn’t rest until he brought her home.

The court scheduled Flores’ formal sentencing on December 9. Prosecutors are seeking 25 years to life behind bars.

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