Kamala Can’t Think of Anything To Help With the Gas Crisis

Kamala Can't Think of Anything To Help With the Gas Crisis

Kamala Slips – Admits She Has No Idea What To Do

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Biden administration has faced several challenges during its time in the White House. One of the biggest problems it has faced is inflation and the seemingly ever-increasing fuel prices. The president has talked about implementing a federal gas tax holiday to alleviate some of the pain people are feeling at the pump. Yet, according to Vice President Kamala Harris, that’s about all the White House can do.

Breitbart reported on the VP’s recent exclusive interview with Dana Bash of CNN, in which the pair discussed several topics, including the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade and the economy. Bash pointed out that Americans are experiencing anxiety over finances, mentioning that Biden’s gas tax holiday doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction in Congress. The journalist then asked Harris whether the White House team had any other tricks up their sleeves to lower costs at the pump.

The vice president affirmed that fuel prices are a serious issue right now, claiming it’s become one of Biden’s top priorities. Harris largely blamed the increase in gas prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Still, that was really all she had to say about the issue before asserting the administration had other issues to address, failing to offer any other options for the White House to reduce Americans’ gas prices.

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