Kamala Gets Taken To The Woodshed -Teaches Biden a Lesson

Bill Maher Begs Biden To Ditch

Bill Maher Begs Biden To Ditch “Bad Politician” Kamala Harris

(RepublicanNews.org) – Bill Maher, a comedian and host of “Real Time,” has a history of criticizing politicians. Republicans, and especially former President Trump, often find themselves at the butt end of the left-leaning entertainer’s jokes. However, the comedian recently expressed his desire to see Biden boot Vice President Kamala Harris from the White House.

Maher was speaking with Van Jones, a commentator for CNN, and Caitlin Flanagan, a left-wing writer at The Atlantic, when he noted it’s hard to take a nomination away from a sitting president. The comedian then explained that he could imagine Biden replacing Harris. Maher asserted the VP didn’t seem very intelligent and declared she was a “bad politician.” The host mentioned the politician’s unpopularity across the board.

Flanagan offered her input, noting Harris had a “lot of baggage” and likely wouldn’t do well under pressure and scrutiny. The Atlantic writer also said Harris was an “off-putting” person. Maher continued and declared the problem with Democrats was that they’ve trapped themselves in identity politics, and eventually the party would have to back a candidate who wasn’t ideal.

Vice President Harris has become extremely unpopular with the number of gaffes and misstatements she’s made on top of seemingly ignoring the border crisis. The liberal leader hasn’t been very active or engaged as the country’s second in command, leading many citizens to dislike her.

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