Kamala Harris Calls For Action On Airplane Bathrooms

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Vice President of the most powerful country on earth took to Twitter on July 11th to announce that the Biden administration will soon tackle the issue of airplane restroom inequality. Kamala Harris said it is “absolutely unacceptable” that most domestic flights lack restrooms that are “accessible.”

One Twitter user asked if the VP was joking. Another said they were glad to see that Harris had her “priorities in order.” Yet another referred to her as being “outrageously unserious.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Guy Reschenthaler tweeted in response and said the U.S. faces historic inflation, a southern border that’s overrun, an epidemic with fentanyl, extreme energy costs, and crime that’s skyrocketing. “Kamala Harris’ priority? Airplane bathrooms,” he said.

A libertarian group in Arizona suggested the installment of new restroom facilities on aircraft would lead to increased travel costs. They pointed out that seating capacity would inevitably be diminished and asked if Harris planned to “deploy the government” to fix the problem they created.

Ron Schmitt of Newsmax said Americans can anticipate higher ticket prices and should be prepared for airplanes with “trans bathrooms” that are large enough to fit “a baby whale.”

Harris later said her tweet referenced rules the Dept. of Transportation had drafted in 2022 that would see upgraded single-aisle restrooms installed in aircraft. The newer facilities would be more accommodating to those with disabilities.

Several domestic carriers have reportedly said they are able and willing to begin following the new guidelines, according to Airlines for America communications manager Hannah Walden.

A spokesperson for the Intl. Air Transport Assoc. commented similarly that the “industry is committed” to ensuring that “dignified air travel” is available to all passengers.

Vice President Harris met with Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, on the same day her tweet was posted. The two participated in a roundtable event and discussed DOT airline regulations with leaders from disability rights groups.

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