Kamala Harris Claims Drop-Off Boxes and Election Confusion Are Good for America

Kamala Harris Claims Drop-Off Boxes and Election Confusion Are Good for America

(RepublicanNews.org) – The 2020 election remains a hot-button topic in America. While many citizens have moved on from the controversy, scores of others continue to debate the matter both at home and in an official capacity. Vice President Kamala Harris even shared her opinion on the subject, calling several of the most contentious 2020 voting measures ideal for the country.

According to the most unpopular vice president in American history, scrapped voter ID laws, unattended midnight drop boxes, same-day voter registration allowances, blocked election observers and overall election confusion were beneficial for citizens.

During an episode of “Face the Nation,” Vice President Harris talked at length about new voting laws, which she claims make it more challenging for Americans to vote. Harris believes that these laws, which primarily shore up integrity and security in future elections, threaten democracy. Yet, at the same time, she also touted Democratic voting changes that grant the DNC an upper hand, which many people consider unfair.

Interviewer Margaret Brennan pointed out that the Biden administration must still contend with an evenly split Senate if they wish to pass voting legislation. Brennan also noted that a handful of senators refused to change the filibuster, an ongoing legislative obstacle for the Biden administration.

2022 is now officially only days away. Yet it remains difficult to determine if the Biden administration’s attempts to enact new legislation will succeed during the president’s second year in office. One fact is inevitable: The administration has plenty of work ahead of it.

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