Kamala Harris Fumbles Her Speech At Workforce Development Summit

Kamala Harris Fumbles Her Speech At Workforce Development Summit

Watch: You Will Think Kamala Harris Is More Senile Than Joe After Seeing This

(RepublicanNews.org) – Americans have witnessed President Joe Biden stringing together incoherent messages many times. However, he’s not the only administration member who occasionally struggles to speak clearly. Vice-President Kamala Harris also recently tripped over her words during a speech at the American Rescue Plan Workforce Development Summit.

Harris was talking about the administration’s investment in “training programs and apprenticeships,” which give people the necessary skills to find better jobs with better pay. The VP then started discussing transportation but suddenly struggled to deliver the message.

Harris appeared to be trying to talk about the need for people to get where they’re going, whether they’re traveling to work or back home. What actually came out was more like word salad.

Harris has struggled to deliver remarks in the past. She also fumbled her words during a press conference about the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

In a separate appearance in Sunset, Louisiana, the VIP referenced “the significance of the passage of time” several times within just 32 seconds.

Harris also somehow managed to say she was “here, standing here” during her visit to Poland. She was talking about being on the Northern flank before correcting herself to say Eastern flank. She went on to talk about what was at stake, also repeating the phrase before getting to her point.

The two people who currently hold the most control over the US government seem to have a problem with communication — or at least a poor ability to deliver speeches. Is it the pressure of public speaking… or is something else at play?

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