Kamala Harris Named in Biden Family’s Shady Business Dealings (REPORT)

Kamala Harris Named in Biden Family's Shady Business Dealings (REPORT)

(RepublicanNews.org) – With less than two weeks to go until the election, the Biden ticket finds itself sinking ever deeper into a murky swamp of allegations. Making matters worse, Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, and others were implicated in allegedly corrupt Biden family business dealings overseas.

Fox News posted information detailing new allegations regarding the now-defunct CEFC China Energy Company in an October 22 exclusive report. According to evidence acquired by Fox News, Harris and other leading Democrats were listed as “key domestic contacts” in an email reportedly sent by the former vice president’s brother, Jim Biden.

One of the email recipients, Tony Bobulinski, is an investor reportedly linked to a Biden family-led joint venture with CEFC China Energy. Making matters worse, Bobulinski confirmed his role in the alleged scheme to Fox News.

With President Trump pushing for the appointment of a special prosecutor, the operative question at the moment remains, “how will voters react at the polls on November 3?”

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