Kentucky Staffer Could Face Prison for Dumping Voting Ballots

Kentucky Staffer Could Face Prison for Dumping Voting Ballots

( – President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr have warned Americans for months about a multitude of problems associated with the widespread use of absentee mail-in balloting. Kentucky joined the growing list of states reporting issues with the October 16 FBI announcement of pending charges for a former Kentucky postal worker.

A construction worker found more than 100 unopened mail-in ballots last week in Kentucky’s Jefferson County. FBI Special Agent Scott Balfour announced the firing of the US Postal Service staffer responsible for the incident.

Speaking on behalf of the Postal Service Inspector General, Balfour added the local US Attorney’s office accepted the postal worker’s case for federal prosecution. According to Balfour, the AG’s office will review the case files and determine the appropriate criminal charges at a later date.

Only about half of the country’s registered voters expect to learn the result of the November 3 election within “a day or two” due to the unusual number of mail-in ballots this year. Examples of election tampering like this are the last thing the country needs.

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