Kerry Blames Ukraine War for Increased Carbon Emissions

( – The Biden administration is refusing to respond to questions about statements their own climate czar has made about the resulting carbon footprint from the war in Ukraine. Former Senator and current Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said in a July 10th interview that “bombs going off” in Eastern Europe would lead to damaged septic tanks and a massive discharge of various greenhouse gasses.

Kerry further stated that a loss of gas deliveries from Russia into Europe as a result of the war has forced many European nations to reopen coal-powered plants and begin using “dirty fuel” again.

His recent words marked the fourth time the SPEC has voiced concerns about a conflict between Russia and Ukraine leading to elevated global greenhouse emissions. In February of 2022, Kerry said he was worried a looming war between the two countries would cause people to “lose focus” on the issue.

In April of 2022 following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kerry said the war had caused neighboring countries to stop concentrating on lowering emissions. “The momentum” that had been achieved during the Glasgow climate summit had been interrupted, he said.

In June, Kerry said emissions from the war in Ukraine and their resulting effects on climate were “a threat multiplier.”

On July 13th, the SPEC was called before Congress and questioned about the logistics of his 45-person office with a $16.7 million budget and his personal use of a private jet.

Republican Rep. Brian Mast asked the former Senator for the names of employees under his authority. He refused to identify more than two during a tense exchange with the congressman.

Kerry also told the committee he had never owned a private jet. GOP Rep. Mike Waltz responded to his assertion and forced the SPEC to concede that his wife had, in fact, previously owned a personal aircraft, but sold it once they started to face criticism from the media.

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