Keystone Pipeline Workers Slam Joe Biden Over His Decision

Keystone Pipeline Workers Slam Joe Biden Over His Decision

( – Joe Biden has done everything in his power to reverse Donald Trump’s policies. He promised as much while on the campaign trail. After entering the White House, one of his first actions was issuing an executive order revoking the March 2019 permit to “construct, connect, operate, and maintain” the Keystone XL Pipeline.

That decision displaced numerous workers and canceled the creation of thousands of new jobs. Unemployed workers and communities across the country are speaking out about the consequences of Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL project.

On May 20, the Washington Examiner reported on the pushback to Biden’s executive order. Pete Bardeson, the business manager for a Sioux Falls, South Dakota union, wondered how members of the Biden administration could sleep at night knowing that they destroyed the jobs of people they were supposed to protect.

“Joe sold us out,” he said.

Gaylord Lincoln, a South Dakota worker, said Biden’s anti-pipeline attitude defies logic. The nation “needs pipelines” until it gains energy independence, he said.

The Biden Administration’s Inconsistencies Regarding the Pipelines

The Biden administration has also sent out a lot of mixed messages regarding pipelines. Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm initially enthusiastically supported Biden’s decision to halt the operation and future construction.

Once the recent Colonial Pipeline hack created fuel shortages and inflated gasoline prices, the administration’s position suddenly shifted. Granholm went from supporting shutting down pipelines to declaring they were now the “best way” to transport fuel to meet America’s growing energy supply needs.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Homeland Security head, echoed that sentiment. He declared the nation’s pipelines to be “critical infrastructure” shortly after the Colonial Pipeline had to shut down for nearly a week until it could regain control of its computer systems.

Being president requires having compassion for American workers’ problems, particularly as the nation struggles to reopen its economy. It also means presenting a coherent and consistent leadership on all matters to include the nation’s increasingly important pipelines.

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