Kim Jong-un’s Nephew Taken in by CIA

Kim Jong-un's Nephew Taken in by CIA

( – The mystery surrounding the 2017 disappearance of the rich nephew of Kim Jong-un took an unexpected turn with recent reports the CIA took him into protective custody years ago.

Kim Han-sol, the son of the half-brother of the North Korean leader, disappeared along with his sister and mother shortly after his father’s assassination, reportedly on Kim Jong-un’s orders. The grandson of North Korea’s former ruler Kim Jong-il, Han-sol posed a potential risk to the leadership of Kim Jong-un.

The New Yorker reported on November 16 that Han-sol met with CIA agents in an airport lounge in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, a few days after his father’s death. The agents reportedly accompanied him, his sister and his mother on a flight to the Netherlands. However, none of them arrived at the arrivals platform on the other end of the fight.

Multiple sources told The New Yorker that the CIA took Han-sol, his sister and mother into hiding in another location. If these reports prove true, they represent the first reported organized effort to oppose Kim Jong-un.

The current location of Kim Han-sol and his family remains unclear. So far, the CIA has declined to answer questions submitted by The New Yorker.

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