KJP Claims Nothing About Biden’s Business Involvement Has Changed

(RepublicanNews.org) – The face of the Biden administration rejected the idea that the White House has changed its language when referring to the President’s knowledge of and relationship to Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign nationals. On July 26th, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the administration’s stance has always been consistent and their story has not changed.

Jean-Pierre has repeatedly backed Biden’s insistence that he never discussed business deals with his son, but reporters noted during the press conference that the Press Secretary changed the White House position from “never discussed with” to “never in business with” Hunter Biden.

The President has made a number of public statements over several years in which he not only denied personal involvement in his son’s businesses but further insisted to have never even discussed such matters with him “or with anyone else.”

In 2019, President Biden responded to a query from a Fox reporter by telling them he had “never spoken” to his son regarding his foreign business deals. Biden reiterated his stance a month later by saying he did not “discuss business” with his son.

When a reporter confronted Jean-Pierre in 2022 about the existence of a voicemail in which the President speaks to his son about a potential business deal, she confirmed what Biden had already said, telling the reporter that the President’s words speak for themselves.

In June of 2023, President Biden continued to deny knowledge of his son’s dealings after a series of text messages from 2017 was released that showed Hunter Biden threatening a Chinese business associate with retaliation from his father. The President maintained his ignorance despite Hunter Biden writing that his father was sitting next to him and that the pair wanted to know why their deal had “not been fulfilled.”

Reporters asked President Biden if he was involved or present at the time of his son’s 2017 messages. “No. I wasn’t,” the President responded.

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