KJP Mocked for Misplaced Tweet

(RepublicanNews.org) – The White House official that once referred to herself as “a historic figure” has made an epic faux pas on social media. Karine Jean-Pierre is being widely mocked after appearing to be unable to tell the difference between her Twitter account and that of the President.

On August 15th, the administration press secretary posted a stock-variety tweet on her account that reminded voters of the time she promised to leave no one behind when she “ran for President.” Users immediately began making fun of Jean-Pierre’s mistake.

One user asked, “did anyone actually think” President Biden was “tweeting himself?” A response of “Joe did” quickly came from another user. Jean-Pierre’s mistaken post was also called the “perfect microcosm” of Joe Biden’s administration.

Not long after common accounts began chiding the press secretary’s post, members of the White House press pool joined in the fray. “Oh wow,” said correspondent Simon Ateba before going on to point out KJP’s error.

Joe Concha of Fox News said, “I guess we know” who is responsible for the President’s tweets. He went on to post a multiple-choice quiz for his followers as to who the culprit was. The three options he listed were Jean-Pierre, an administration intern or the individual “who left cocaine” on the White House grounds.

AK Kamara, a conservative commentator who happens to be black, told his followers upon seeing her mistake that he had just learned that KJP was the first President to identify as LGBT, black, and female. Kamara was likely referring to Jean-Pierre’s “historic” comments in June of 2023.

During an interview about her first year serving as press secretary, KJP said she was “a historic figure” in a year of “many firsts.” Jean-Pierre was referring to the fact that she was the first White House press secretary to hold the trifecta of being black, being a woman, and identifying as gay.

KJP eventually deleted her faulty post without comment.

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