KJP’s ‘Weak’ Antisemitism Reply Angers Moskowitz

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Biden administration mouthpiece who once called herself a “historic figure” for hitting the trifecta of being the first White House spokeswoman to be gay, black, and an immigrant is being taken to task for her recent remarks on antisemitism. This time around, it appears that criticism of Karine Jean-Pierre is not limited only to those on the right.

In what most would likely consider to be a rare moment, KJP is taking flak from members of her own party. During a routine White House press briefing on October 23rd, albeit amidst the backdrop of war in the Middle East, Jean-Pierre was asked if the administration was concerned about the “potential rise of antisemitism” in the nation.

Before answering, KJP began quickly scanning her notes. After a few seconds, she conveyed that the White House had not been informed of “any credible threats” regarding the possibility of acts of hatred against Jews. The administration had, however, been made aware of rising anti-Muslim sentiment around the nation, according to Jean-Pierre.

She went on to say that those of the Islamic faith were being disproportionately affected by “hate-fueled attacks.” Later that day, Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz took to Twitter and lambasted the press secretary for what he said was “a weak answer.”

The Sunshine State Democrat, who happens to be of Jewish ancestry, said, “The simple answer is yes, [the administration is] concerned about the rise of antisemitism.” Moscowitz’ post further criticized KJP for “looking in her book” for what he appeared to indicate was an “approved answer.”

Most on the right were not as kind to Jean-Pierre as Moscowitz was. One notable user who has more than 320,000 followers described her response as a “train wreck.”

Following the apparent onslaught of criticism, KJP opened her October 24th briefing with a “moral clarity” statement. Acts of antisemitism are “unacceptable” and there is “no place” for them in America, she said.

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