Kristi Noem Slams Joe Biden for Blocking 4th of July

Kristi Noem Slams Joe Biden for Blocking 4th of July

( – South Dakota’s Republican Governor, Kristi Noem, reintroduced Fourth of July fireworks to Mt. Rushmore in 2020 for the first time since 2009. During the celebration, then-President Donald Trump gave an inspiring speech before a crowd of about 7,500 supporters.

Earlier this year, Noem submitted a request to the National Park Service (NPS) to hold another fireworks display at the park, but NPS Regional Director Herbert Frost declined the request, citing worries about the spread of the coronavirus, environmental concerns, and opposition from the park’s “many tribal partners.” Noem filed a lawsuit against the NPS in April, but a federal judge sided with the NPS and dismissed the case on June 3.

In response, Noem slammed President Joe Biden in a June 15 tweet after hearing the news of the White House’s plan to host an Independence Day party. About 1,000 people are expected to attend the event.

Gov. Noem also took aim at the White House in a follow-up tweet earlier this week. Her post included a short video showing a crowd of people enjoying Mt. Rushmore. She ended the clip lamenting Biden’s decision not to allow fireworks at the park this year.

“I really wish… we were able to have fireworks here this year,” she said. However, that’s probably not going to happen “because of the Biden administration.”

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