LA School Transgender Protest Leads to Physical Altercation

( – Enraged families on opposing sides of education privacy laws in California became violent during a protest and counter-protest in Los Angeles on August 22nd. Three people were arrested after police failed to keep parents from going after one another outside the school district HQ.

The start of the school year prompted concerned families to demand a change in policy that would see them notified by educators if their children began identifying as a gender other than the one assigned to them at birth.

Large numbers of parents gathered at LA’s City Hall and marched to the district HQ while holding signs that condemned the state’s LGBTQ indoctrination of their children. Video of the clashes shows hundreds of people on both sides of the issue squaring off against one another.

One worried mother held up a sign that said Governor Newsom had “declared war” on everyone’s children. Another sign that was large enough to be carried by several people said that California parents were under no obligation to “co-parent with Newsom.”

In addition to protesting California’s student-privacy laws, parents at the LA march also voiced concern about the material schools were subjecting their children to. Ben Richards, who heads a parent advocacy group, said the statewide education “system” is full of “radical indoctrination.”

Richards said that children are being exposed to “smut” reading materials and that parents are exasperated by their inability to shield their children from it. His group is calling for a “parental notification measure” that currently does not exist.

In July, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit and ruled that California schools were not violating parental rights by keeping families in the dark as to what their children identified as while at school. The judge determined that minors were allowed to keep their at-school pronouns, orientations, and gender identities secret from their parents.

Students were entitled to a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” the court said.

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