Landis Reveals New JFK Assassination Secrets

( – An 88-year-old Secret Service agent appears to have at least partially shredded the findings of the Warren Commission by claiming he found an additional unreported round lying next to President John F. Kennedy on the day of his assassination. If the recent claims of Paul Landis are true, then the so-called “magic bullet” theory perpetuated for decades by the United States government is called into question by default.

Proponents of a “magic bullet” traveling through the air at Dealey Plaza in 1963 suggest that one of Oswald’s rounds struck President Kennedy from behind, then ripped through his body and made its way to the front of the President’s limousine, where it struck Texas Governor John Connolly.

After hitting the Texas official, the bullet is said to have made a number of right-hand turns while inside his body, before finally coming to rest on the front seat next to him. Landis claims to have retrieved a loose round from the back seat adjacent to the wounded President.

If that indeed happened, it would indicate one of two possibilities. Either a second unknown and unidentified shooter was on-scene that day, or another round fired by Oswald in a virtually identical trajectory as the magic bullet failed to follow that same trajectory.

The former Secret Service agent says there was nothing “magical” about the bullet he found and indicated his opinion that the “undercharged” round never traveled to the front of the limo. Rather, he says it popped out of President Kennedy’s body and came to rest beside him.

Although Landis has been clear that he spent decades believing Oswald was the only marksman involved in the events, he now says that he is no longer sure. The former agent’s claims are not without a book deal. His updated version of events is due out on October 10th.

In the meantime, presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. continues to be denied Secret Service protection.

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