Lauren Boebert Issues Warning to Republicans

( – Those who think that Florida Representative Matt Gaetz acted with the complete backing of every GOP member of the House in his ousting of Speaker Kevin McCarthy would be wrong. Many Republicans opposed his move and still others are reportedly plotting acts of retribution against the lawmaker from the Sunshine State.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, who is fresh off the tail-end of being mired in her own unique home-state controversy, is warning her colleagues not to try and remove Gaetz from the House Republican Conference. GOP legislators would be regretfully mistaken if they were to engage in such a “childish and vengeful” attempt at expulsion, she said on October 4th.

Gaetz should not be held to account for trying to address the speaker’s “failed leadership,” Boebert said on Twitter. The Florida lawmaker was joined by eight other Republicans in his October 2nd “motion to vacate” that saw McCarthy ousted from his speakership position. His group joined Democrats in a successful move that ended in a vote of 216 to 210.

Boebert’s words in support of Gaetz came despite the fact that the Colorado lawmaker did not personally vote for McCarthy’s removal. The Republicans that joined her Florida colleague were Arizona’s Eli Crane and Andy Biggs, Tennessee’s Tim Burchett, Colorado’s Ken Buck, South Carolina’s Nancy Mace, Virginia’s Bob Good, and Montana’s Matt Rosendale.

Gaetz, who is known to be an outspoken Donald Trump ally, is among a chorus of conservative legislators who have suggested that McCarthy was guilty of backroom deals with the White House that would keep the war in Ukraine perpetually funded. In addition to other lawmakers, Gaetz has also called into question how McCarthy handled the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

After McCarthy’s removal, a number of House Republicans came to the former Speaker’s defense and began attacking their colleague from Florida. Nebraska’s Don Bacon said he would “love” to see Gaetz out of the Republican conference.

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