Lawmakers Flee as Protests Escalate

Police in Riot Gear Background

( – Protesters and police battled outside the Democrat National Committee (DNC) offices Wednesday, November 15th, forcing lawmakers to escape.

Several Democrats disclosed on social media that they had been evacuated following demonstrations outside. Capitol Police claimed 150 individuals were illicitly and violently rioting near the building around 8:30 p.m. According to a source, No. 3 Democrat Pete Aguilar, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries were inside throughout the protester-police altercation. The police escorted all members out of the building, including Reps. Sean Casten (Illinois).

Casten wrote on the social media platform X (Twitter) that they were rescued by armed cops who didn’t know the demonstrators’ objective, just that members of Congress had been inside, couldn’t leave, and wouldn’t allow police in. Protesters around the building blocked all exits and entrances, Casten added.

Video from social media suggests demonstrators wanted a ceasefire to the fighting in the Israel and Hamas war. More footage shows many police officers fighting rioters in various degrees, and some protestors looked to have joined arms outside the structure.

Capitol Police stated a large number of unlawful protesters left after 10 p.m. Capitol Police’s last update reported six officers were treated for injuries ranging from scrapes to getting pepper sprayed and punched. There was one arrest for officer assault.

The organizers of the protest said that law enforcement officers, in fact, violently assaulted them after they peacefully blocked an entry. However, the United States Capitol Police did not agree that the demonstration had been peaceful. Police from the United States Capitol said in a statement that they had dealt with hundreds of peaceful demonstrations, but this particular bunch was anything but. Congress members were inside the DNC, but the mob disregarded demands to disperse.

The police were able to safely evacuate the members and staff after the group pushed dumpsters in front of the exits, pepper sprayed officers, and tried to pick up bicycle racks. The police responded swiftly with consequences, pulling rioters off the building, pushing them back, and clearing the area.

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