Lawsuit Filed Against Doctor Who Posted Images of Dead Baby

( – The tragic, bizarre, and statistically improbable death of a baby boy who died as he was being delivered in a hospital outside Atlanta has now led to a second lawsuit being filed on behalf of the child’s family. Dr. Jackson Gates, who conducted the post-delivery autopsy, has been accused by the baby’s parents of posting the graphic photos he took during the procedure to social media.

20-year-old Jessica Ross, the child’s mother, and 21-year-old Treveon Taylor Sr., the child’s father, initially filed suit in July against the hospital and medical team involved in the delivery of their infant. The couple alleged that attending OB-GYN Tracey St. Julian used excessive force when delivering the child and that her actions led to the decapitation of the baby.

July’s filing further alleges that Southern Regional Medical Center staff attempted to cover up the decapitation by swaddling the baby’s body and head tightly together in a blanket. Although the couple was aware of their child’s death, they say they were only allowed to view the body from a distance and were forbidden from holding it.

Ross and Taylor Sr. also claim that Southern Regional actively sought to discourage them from seeking a post-death autopsy. An attorney for the couple conveyed that the latest happening only adds insult to injury for the already devastated family.

Rod Edmond, the family’s lawyer, said Dr. Gates is guilty of perpetuating “their abuse” by uploading photographs of “their decapitated” son to Instagram. Edmond referred to the events as “diabolical.” In addition to claiming the doctor posted photos to social media, the suit also alleges that Gates charged the couple $2,500 to perform the procedure.

The pathologist responded to the allegations in a video that was uploaded to his Instagram account and appeared to defend his previous actions. Dr. Gates said his uploads are made only for educational purposes only and that they never identify “live” or “deceased patients.”

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