LeBron James Fined $15K

LeBron James Fined $15K

(RepublicanNews.org) – National Basketball Association (NBA) player LeBron James isn’t playing nice these days. The Los Angeles Lakers forward first elbowed Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart in the face during a recent game, setting off a chain reaction of events that ultimately resulted in a one-game suspension. Now, the King faces a $15,000 fine for his actions in a second game against the Indiana Pacers.

In overtime, James hit a jump shot — but that isn’t what fans and the NBA are currently upset about. Instead, the King’s choice of celebration methods irked the league and attendees: He grabbed his crotch and ran down the court.

The obscene gesture landed James a $15K fine. Oddly enough, earlier in the game, the King pointed out two fans who were courtside to officials asking for their removal after they allegedly made obscene comments to him. James claims the fans’ comments made him uncomfortable before asserting that no one in the NBA should tolerate it.

The irony between these two incidents is not lost on many fans. Some would call public crotch-grabbing obscene and uncomfortable to watch, too.

James later expressed dismay over his suspension. The King seems to believe that he doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Recent actions aren’t reflective of his entire career, but will they ultimately tarnish his legacy?

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