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Georgia's Heartbeat Bill Reinstated By State Supreme Court

Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill Reinstated By State Supreme Court

(RepublicanNews.org) – In Georgia, Fulton County Judge Robert McBurney recently overturned the state’s six-week abortion ban, declaring it unconstitutional. However, the Georgia Supreme Court stepped in and reversed McBurney’s decision. With the high court’s reversal, the Peach State will again implement the heartbeat bill, banning abortions after six weeks.

On November 15, Judge McBurney said he believed Georgia’s LIFE Act was unconstitutional when the state enacted it in 2019 due to Roe v. Wade, which outlawed abortion bans that prohibited the operation before the point of fetal viability. The county judge’s decision reinstated Georgia’s previous abortion restriction of 22 weeks.

The 22-week abortion ban only lasted a week, as the state’s supreme court issued a single page order putting a hold on McBurney’s ruling pending an appeal. The Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling came after lawmakers filed an emergency petition. In the meantime, Georgia’s heartbeat bill will be reinstated. Abortions will be unavailable for women who are more than six weeks pregnant, which is typically when a fetal heartbeat is detectable. However, The high court’s decision isn’t the final say regarding abortion laws in the state.

The Washington Post noted that while reproductive rights advocates are unhappy with the supreme court’s decision, the state’s attorney general Chris Carr (R) was pleased with the ruling. His office was reportedly unable to provide further details on the matter.

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