Leftists at University Target Campus Police

Leftists at University Target Campus Police

(RepublicanNews.org) – The fallout from George Floyd’s death continues spreading roughly a year after he died in police custody. Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and Antifa members led the nation through the experience of more than 11 months of so-called “peaceful” protests. Cries of “Defund the Police” echoed throughout America’s cities as law enforcement officials tried to restore the peace and put out the fires set by protesters.

Now, the movement to defund or cancel police departments has spread to American colleges and universities. A leftist group calling themselves the “Cops Off Campus Coalition” organized a “National Day of Refusal” on Monday, May 3. The group called on students, professors, and other college staff members to pledge to skip classes and teaching that day to demand higher learning institutions eliminate their campus police departments.

Capital Public Radio reported that more than 1,100 people scattered across the nation pledged to participate in the event. The pledge called for the removal of police from all campuses, “public or private, K-12, university, or college,” and “an end” to “policing [efforts] everywhere.”

Here’s the kicker: As Breitbart News reported, the “primary responsibility” of campus police officers is “to keep students safe.” Can you imagine what would happen if the protesters get their wish and campuses become crime-ridden, violent zones?

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