Leftists Target Homes of SCOTUS Justices

(RepublicanNews.org) – Apparently, any behavior goes if protestors are left-wing, as activists showed up at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts on May 5th.

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah wants to know why. Saying the actions were a criminal threat to the Justices’ safety, he asked, “Why are U.S. Marshals being instructed not to make arrests?”

Video shows protestors outside Kavanaugh’s home chanting slogans about wanting “ethics on the court.” The protestors were also present in the neighborhood where John Roberts’ home is located. 

Conservatives, and even some liberals, are concerned that U.S. Marshals are being instructed not to carry out their duty to protect the SCOTUS justices. When someone leaked a draft decision in the historic Roe vs Wade decision in the summer of 2022, protestors swarmed Justice Kavanaugh’s home and made threats. 

It is illegal to protest at the home of a Supreme Court justice with the intent of influencing a decision. Most observers agree that the leak, and the subsequent protests outside Kavanaugh’s home, constituted such attempts. 

After the 2022 leak, Republican Sen. Katie Britt of Alaska discovered that U.S. Marshals were told not to apprehend protestors at Kavanaugh’s home, even though their presence was illegal. Britt found this by reviewing the training protocols given to officers. 

Marshals were apparently told to “avoid, unless absolutely necessary, criminal enforcement action” with regard to the protestors. The orders appeared to dice the law very finely, describing the protestors as being in a “public space,” as if that rendered their protest at Justices’ homes legal and non-threatening. 

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has formally investigated the incident and the training protocols. 

The protests come at the same time that liberal politicians and interest groups are targeting conservative Justice Clarence Thomas. They’re demanding an investigation into what they claim is Thomas’ improper acceptance of “gifts” from a personal friend. That personal friend is billionaire Harlan Crow. Thomas has rebutted the accusations, saying Crow is a decades-long family friend who shows “hospitality.”

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