Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dark Money Ties

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dark Money Ties

Catch Him If You Can – Hollywood Star Funding Dark Money Group

(RepublicanNews.org) – Americans may idolize celebrities, but that doesn’t mean the rich and famous are entirely innocent or never have secret dealings. Fox News Digital recently obtained documents that it claims tie Hollywood heartthrob and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio to a clandestine dark money group. The organization in question allegedly funneled money to a law firm at the forefront of lawsuits focused on climate nuisances across the country.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donated $20 million to various groups geared toward combating climate change. Fox News’ documents suggest that the shortlist included Resources Legacy Fund (RLF), a dark money group controlling the Collective Action Fund for Accountability, Resilience, and Adaptation. The money the foundation granted to RLF went to Sher Edling, a legal firm filing lawsuits to hold fossil fuel companies liable for the damage their industry inflicts on the environment.

In a since-deleted announcement from his foundation, DiCaprio explained that the groups receiving millions of dollars in funding were focused on “protecting” the world’s oceans, forests, and endangered wildlife. He praised them for dealing with the “challenges of climate change” and remaining active on the ground.

Is it true that those who appear the cleanest often have the dirtiest hands?

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