LGBTQ Coffee Shop Shuts Down After Employees Rebel

LGBTQ Coffee Shop Shuts Down After Employees Rebel

Coffee Shop Closes Down For This HILARIOUSLY Ironic Reason

( – With the LGBTQ+ movement becoming so popular in many parts of the country, it’s not surprising to see businesses use it as a platform to succeed. However, even the woke businesses are no match for the progressive mob. Proof of the madness came when a well-known coffee shop was forced to shut its doors in the wake of an employee revolt.

The insanity continues, but it’s not just impacting people or businesses with opposing views. Now, it’s found a way into the community it sought to protect. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there’s a coffee shop called Mina’s World, which Kate Egghart and Sonam Parikh created. Bon Appetit described the coffee shop as both a business and a place for marginalized minorities to hang out.

Parikh had previously accused other coffee shops of neglecting to protect trans or black employees. Ironically, Mina’s World also faced these allegations from its own workers, according to Libs of TikTok. Employees gathered on Instagram to air their grievances with the company, which included allegations of abuse of power, manipulation, and anti-blackness. The shop’s staff demanded payment and that Parikh and Egghart “redistribute the business.”

The owners allegedly posted a video apologizing to their employees and asserting their intention to buy Mina’s World and give it to staff members. The pair would have to buy the building and the 18% of the company that Egghart’s mother owned, a deal that the third owner refused to consider. Parikh and Egghart started a GoFundMe with a $200,000 goal to buy the business, but it ultimately failed, earning only $11,000. In early July, Mina’s World claimed it didn’t have the resources to continue operation and closed its doors for good.

The coffee shop had done well, receiving national attention. However, in the end, the place wasn’t progressive enough for its employees, who revolted and led to the downfall of Mina’s World. Even the woke aren’t safe from the even more radically Left.

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