Liberal Immigrant Groups Lobby President

( – As a federal rule that helps keep out illegal immigrants expired on May 11th, leftist nonprofit groups are urging President Joe Biden not to detain illegal immigrants.

More than 200 liberal nonprofits sent a joint statement to the White House last week asking Biden not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Donald Trump. The statement says the groups are “in solidarity with immigrant communities,” and they think it is inhumane to detain immigrants and asylum seekers behind bars.

They claim this treatment takes away the dignity and human rights of immigrants. 

The statement came just as the federal rule known as Title 42 expired on May 11th. That rule, first signed by President Donald Trump in 2020, has been used by both Trump and then Biden to quickly expel nearly 3 million would-be immigrants since 2020. The rule is a COVID-era policy allegedly used on public health grounds. 

In preparation for an expected wave of would-be immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden has committed 1,500 U.S. troops. They will not directly enforce immigration law or detain would-be asylum seekers, but will instead provide administrative and logistical support for border agents. 

Cities along the U.S.-Mexico border report that thousands more immigrants than usual have been assembling just across the border in anticipation of Title 42’s expiration.

Liberal immigration supporters, of course, are not happy about most obstacles placed in front of would-be immigrants. Jennie Murray, president of the National Immigration Forum, wants asylum specialists, immigration attorneys, and judges – not troops – sent to the border.

“Sending troops to the border is not the answer,” Murray said recently. She claimed it would be “ineffective and impractical” and sends a message that immigrants are a danger. 

Politicians and officials on both sides of the aisle have been trying to convince immigrants that they will not have an easier time getting into the U.S. after Title 42’s expiration. 

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