Liberal Media Calls on GOP to Combat Inflation

Liberal Media Calls on GOP to Combat Inflation

Democrats Look To Republicans As Economic Crisis Intensifies

( – American citizens continue to struggle under the weight of out-of-control inflation. Nearly everyone wants the current administration to make changes that help combat the ever-rising cost of goods. But rather than calling on DNC leaders, who currently maintain control over the government, liberal media outlets are calling on Republicans to combat inflation instead.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle recently spoke out about inflation on an episode of the network’s “Morning Joe,” which Fox News later shared. In it, she claimed that Republicans want inflation to worsen because it will help them politically and then reminded the audience how the GOP has yet to offer any solutions to inflation. Ruhle also noted that GOP members have thus far mostly blamed the Biden administration for the problem rather than offering any real fix.

The MSNBC anchor eventually took to Twitter to demand the GOP share how it intends to address the problem.

Ruhle’s tweet garnished several responses. Many people repeated Republican talking points, suggesting that the government stop spending money and push for energy independence.

One user scoffed at Ruhle’s tweet, calling it just another example of what people in mainstream media do: quickly blame everyone except for the Democrats who currently control both chambers of Congress and the White House.

Inflation currently remains higher than it has been in nearly four decades. President Biden and his administration continue to dismiss concerns by suggesting the problem is transitory and the economy will eventually stabilize. That’s of little comfort to people who are struggling now.

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