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Justice Sotomayor Sings Clarence Thomas' Praises

Justice Sotomayor Sings Clarence Thomas’ Praises

( – Justices on the Supreme Court might have different ideologies or feelings about certain aspects of life and the law, but at the end of the day, they’re all colleagues. Part of working with a group of people is getting to know them. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently offered praise for one of the court’s more controversial characters, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Sotomayor, one of the high court’s loudest liberals, recently spoke at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, where she was asked how she was able to maintain relationships with her colleagues even when disagreeing with them. Eric Bradner of CNN quoted the liberal when she explained she tried to “find the good in everybody” and that others felt it, leading to them being more comfortable and open when talking to her.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas, a staunch conservative, was a topic during her remarks as well. Sotomayor noted she and her right-wing colleague have disagreed more than anyone, but that hasn’t stopped her from connecting and spending time with him. The liberal said Thomas is one of the few justices who knows the names and situations of everyone in the building. She admitted she tries as well, adding that her conservative counterpart is much better at it. Sotomayor asserted that Thomas is especially compassionate when it comes to others.

Sotomayor explained she understands why Thomas has the views he does. She noted he came from a poor family but didn’t give up, leading to him believing anyone could pull themselves up by the bootstraps and achieve anything. The liberal mentioned that’s where much of the disagreement between them comes in, as she believes that not everyone can reach their bootstraps.

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